While table saws are versatile tools on their own, upgrading them with accessories can significantly enhance their performance without breaking the bank. Here are some DIY upgrades to consider:

Outfeed table: Adding an outfeed table provides additional support for larger workpieces, ensuring smoother and more accurate cuts. You can easily build an outfeed table using plywood and lumber, customizing it to fit your table saw’s dimensions.

Zero-clearance throat plate: A zero-clearance throat plate reduces tear-out and chip-out by providing support around the blade during cuts. You can make your own zero-clearance throat plate using plywood or purchase aftermarket options compatible with your table saw.

Auxiliary fence: An auxiliary fence improves the accuracy and consistency of your cuts by providing additional support and stability. You can make a simple auxiliary fence using plywood and clamps, customizing it to fit your table saw’s fence.

Mobile base: Adding a mobile base to your table saw allows for easy mobility around your workshop or job site. You can build a mobile base using casters and plywood, enabling you to move your table saw wherever you need it.

Dust collection system: A dust collection system reduces airborne dust and debris, keeping your workshop cleaner and healthier. You can build a DIY dust collection system using a shop vacuum and PVC piping, or invest in a commercial dust collector